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Updated on Jul 30th, 2011

- What is it?
- How to install
- Advanced configuration
- Downloads
- Contact

What is it?

Minishowcase is the simpler online photo gallery you can find: put your files in a directory and browse them. You just need a webserver like Apache with PHP enabled. No database, no image preprocessing, no pain.

Minishowcase-scubabeer was a version which added subfolders with only 2-levels depth (and no images allowed at 1st level).

Minishowcase-jm is my own fork over the latest official version (v09b142), which adds infinite subfolders and addresses some limitations of the official version:
- subfolders with infinite depth
- spaces allowed in file and folder names
- better support of non-ASCII characters
- removed picture autoresize which looks ugly in small windows

How to install

- download the zipfile below
- unzip in your web server root directory (PHP needed); this will create a minishowcase/ folder (which you can safely rename)
- check minishowcase is accessible through http://<yourserver>/minishowcase (or whatever you renamed it)
- make sure the minishowcase/cache folder is writeable by your webserver (in Ubuntu set group ownership to www-data then chmod g+w cache), else thumbnails will be regenerated each time
- put your own directory structure with your photo files under minishowcase/galleries/

Advanced configuration

- to protect one of your subfolders put a password.php in it, containing the password in clear text (if you use Apache the included minishowcase/.htaccess file will prevent access to these files)


> minishowcase-jm v09b142-1.2 ZIP (752 Ko)
Fixed "Unknown modifier '+'" error which happened in some setups (thanks John N. and K.Krivas for reporting the error)

> minishowcase-jm v09b142-1.1 ZIP (752 Ko)
Fixed PHP warning on deprecated ereg_replace (thanks to R.Pearce)

> minishowcase-jm v09b142 ZIP (752 Ko)


Don't hesitate to email me if you have any question or comment.

You can also get general support from the official minishowcase website.

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