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Download (v0.4.3, 08/06/2013)

Windows : zip archive (~2,4 Mo) or setup (~2,4 Mo)
Debian : available here (amd64, 0.4.3), or with this local apt-get repository
Ubuntu : for newer ubuntu versions, use the ppa ppa:rpeyron/ppa (add-apt-repository ppa:rpeyron/ppa ; apt-get update ; apt-get install rphoto) ; for jaunty : here, or with this local apt-get repository; a PPA is available thanks to Dariusz Duma, with version 0.4.1.
Sources (Windows and Linux) : rphoto_src.tar.gz
Documentation : User manual


RPhoto is a small software aiming at the easy handling of digital camera's photos. (RPhoto is the next generation of IMPhoto). Its origin resides in the lack of a simple software capable of cropping photos with a constant ratio, to avoid white borders when printing. Main features are :

See the user manual to have the extensive list of features.




RPhoto is distributed under the GPL licence. It allows you to use and distribute freely this software, within the respect of the GPL licence. Sources are available too. For full information, please see the full GPL licence..

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